Black Canvas Art 

 Sea of Red

Black Canvas Art 

Well this year has been very eventful. . .  to say the least!. . .

It's always a challenge when asked to create something that may be out of your 'Comfort Zone' but then the reward of stepping back and looking at the completed work is just so... satisfying!!! A few weeks at the beginning of the year visiting new sights and taking in some wonderful experiences, with lots of memories and images to use in the future, was just enough time before having to head back and start Preparing for the Chichester Art Trail. 

However, before then, there was just enough time to complete one final commission before all my efforts were directed at preparing for yet another, hopefully, successful Art Trail. 

With plenty of inspiration there was just enough time to complete a new work for the "Pre-Exhibition, Exhibition"  as in previous years, it took place at the Oxmarket Gallery in Chichester. This years Chichester Art Trail  took place on Sat 29th April, Sun 30th, Mon 1st, then on the following weekend Sat 6th & Sun 7th May.    

​This years 'Trail' was my most successful ever, which was very encouraging. My 'Show-Piece' painting entitled "Sea of Red" generated a lot of interest, to the point where I had to have numerous Canvas Prints, mounted on frames, printed. However, to add to the whole impact of the painting, each one was then hand embellished, resulting in every print being unique in it's own right. Adding to the need for more prints was the fact that on just the 2nd day of the Trail the original "Sea of Red" painting was sold, to a very happy buyer. All in all a successful Trail.


Once the Art Trail was over it was time to start preparing for the 2017 American Art Awards, I was hoping for another successful entry in this years awards. 

THEN, , , Came The News!!! , , , , ,  "Sea of Red" had been awarded Joint 1st in the 'Fantasy Landscape' category. It seems that not only the buyer of the original painting, all the people who bought hand embellished prints, but also the 25 curators of the Art Galleries across America who judged the entries at this years American Art Awards, were in agreement that Sea of Red . . .  deserves a place on anyone's wall.