Black Canvas Art 

Black Canvas Art 

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I'm an artist who continually looks to challenge himself with varying styles and subject matter. I developed the​ "Black Canvas Art"  style after experimenting with different paints and mediums. The effects are achieved by using a combination of traditional Acrylics, mediums and Watercolour styles. This unique technique achieves deeper richer tones to exemplify iconic portraiture, stunning seascapes and sunsets, together with atmospheric moonlit settings.   

​Most of the inspiration for my work comes from extensively travelling around the world, as well as living by the sea. In 2013 I was featured in GQ Magazines 'Wonderwall', which highlighted the work of British artists. In 2014 'Reflecting', depicting a Buddha against the backdrop of a setting Sun, was awarded 4th place in the prestigious "American Art Awards". This was Judged by the Curators of 25 renowned Art Gallery's across America. Having completed numerous commissions, my work is now displayed around the world, including as far afield as France, USA and Australia. 

If you have any comments, or would like to ask me any questions, then please contact me through the contacts page.

Thank You for taking the time to visit  "Black Canvas Art UK" .

​P.S     look out for my trademark of 2 small birds in every painting!

                                                                                    Chris Walsh

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